“I am leaving. I shall not forget Via Toledo, nor any other of the parts of Naples; to my eyes this city has no equal and is the most beautiful city in the universe." - Stendhal

Discover Naples

Walk around the city centre, taste the traditional dishes. The city of Ancient and Modern, tradition and innovation. The city of D10S Maradona. The birthplace of Pino Daniele, De Filippo, Totò and Massimo Troisi and the place where theater and cinema meet, both on stage and in real life.

Stop and admire the waves of the sea, the Vesuvius, the old Castel dell’Ovo that protects the coast. Visit the churches, look at the blue sky and admire the typical Neapolitan balconies and its famous wonderful "Piazze".
And there’s more than this in Naples, city of poetry, art and culture.