23 Aprile 2021

How many of you are going to visit Amalfi Coast next summer? We know that a lot of couples find the love in this wonderful places, during their holidays. That’s why we think that a trip in Amalfi Coast would be only the first step towards your lovely marriage in Italy. And which one will you choose?

In the time of Covid-19 the idea of wedding has changed. A lot of couples are choosing different kinds of wedding, with a postponement of the official wedding date.
Let’s see the differences among them.

Positano wedding
Wedding in Positano


Traditionally, the elopement was considered a secret escape, unplanned and unexpected, that involves only the couple. Now, the couples tend to organize it, trying to realize their romantic love dream. It is very easy to find dreamy places, because there aren’t too many guests.

It is usually organized in the same place, from ceremony to lunch/dinner.
Amalfi Coast is, maybe, the most dreamier place for the perfect elopement in Italy and in the world. The sea, the landscape, the sun, the weather are just a few things that make this place perfect for couples who are looking for romantic, wonderful and intimate wedding location.

Villa Rufolo Wedding
Villa Rufolo, Ravello

Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, with its famous terrazza dell’Infinito, from which you can touch sea and sky with your fingers, is the perfect location for this kind of wedding. Another wonderful place is Villa Rufolo, also famous for classic music concerts.

Elopement in Positano
Elopement in Positano


Microwedding is a cross between elopement and traditional wedding. The guest list is of up to 50 guests. Microwedding, in fact, includes not only the couple, but also immediate relatives and really close friends. This is the perfect idea for low budget wedding, in which the important people of your life cannot be away.

As for elopement, Amalfi Coast offers a lot of romantic and panoramic locations for the perfect lunch or dinner with sea view. Positano and Ravello are the most famous cities for couples who come from all over the world, looking for wonderful and unique places.

Hotel Marincanto in Positano is a really dreamy place, with its spectacular view on the beach and the coast. Its rooms offer private terraces where you can set up a wonderful and unforgettable dinner.

Positano Hotel Marincanto
Hotel Marincanto, Positano
Hotel Marincanto wedding
Hotel Marincanto, Positano


Maybe the most recent evolution of the classical wedding, the minimony is another choice for couples who want to say yes in a different way.

In 2020 a lot of couples decide to honor their original date by choosing this kind of intimate ceremony, with up to 10 guests. This kind of organization is perfect for low budget weddings and, as elopement, can be organized in a few months.

Panoramic terraces, beautiful beaches, sunny days, typical music, traditional food and more are all right reasons to choose Amalfi Coast for your wedding: elopement, mini or micro, it doesn’t matter. The only important thing is the love, the eternal power of love!

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“If I know what love is, it is because of you.”